How to make Money with your left over TGP Galleries

The Sites i like to build for making Money with get Traffic from 3 Types of Places .
1. AVSes
2. Search Engines
3. Top Lists

Step 1 AVS

Build simple AVS Sites . You can build them very quick .
AVS Systems work like an Toplist . Sites listed there wont get much Traffic from them but
they get Traffic over Years and remember Users already having an AVS Pass all
have Credit Cards . So why dont use it ?
We all have 100's or thousand of TGP Galleries .Thats the point .
The Galleries are there . Ads are there , Content is there . You dont have any work with it .
I used two Shemale TGP Galleries for this Example ( They have to be on the same Domain )
Now i create one single AVS Entrance Page and make copies of it for 3 other AVS Systems
I use AVS Systems that send Traffic over their Link List .
The 4 i use are listed here

Entrance Page for Proadult
Entrance Page for Cyberage
Entrance Page for Freenetpass
Entrance Page for Sexpicturepass
That are just Copies of the first Site i created !

The Avs Signup Pages
Signup Page for Proadult
Signup Page for Cyberage
Signup Page for Freenetpass
Signup Page for Sexpicturepass
That are just Copies of the first Site i created !

The Members Mainpages
You can use this for AVS and Freesite :)

Content Pages ( old Tgp Galleries )

Doing this including submitting to The Avs took me 40 Minutes
In this Time i created 4 complete AVS Sites and a half Freesite.

Step 2 Search Engine

I created this index.html with Metatags for the SE
Dont forget to submit it to the SE's
This Tool is a great Help

Step 3 Top Lists

I now link a Copy of the Freesite which Really isnt one ) to Different Toplists .
This is the Copy
You might ask why i dont link the Toplists to the AVS Pages . Simple Answer - i need the AVS as an traffic Source not for making Money with them - it is no more 1999 . If a User is signing up for one of my AVS Sites he comes over the Search Engine Site
And i am more than sure that my " Freesite "
is getting Traffic over Years without working on it again :)
All in all creating 4 AVS Sites one SE Site and a Freesite took me a little more than 1 Hour .
That isnt much for a longtime Traffic Project :)

Hope you find this Article helpful :)


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